The mission of the ČRDM

The mission of the ČRDM is to promote conditions for quality life and overall development of children and young people.

ČRDM fulfils its mission by supporting non-formal education and activities of its members, especially by creating legal, economical, social and cultural conditions suitable for their activities. ČRDM represents interests of its members towards home and foreign bodies, organisations and institutions.

  • About ČRDM
  • About ČRDM


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Czech Council of Children and Youth (ČRDM) was established in July 1998 by eight organisations of children and youth. Today it is composed of 100 member organisations with around 200 000 individual members – the organisations range from very small to the biggest ones; 9 regional youth councils are members of ČRDM as well.


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  • CRDM's Helpdesk On-line CRDM's Helpdesk offers information on legislation related to youth organisations and answers other questions as well.

  • National Working Group for the Structured Dialogue with Youth Czech Council of Children and Youth is coordinating the National Working Group for the Structured Dialogue with Youth.

  • 72 Hours This three-day-long voluntary project is joined by thousands of volunteers, who do a lot of useful and beneficial work for their environment and local people.

  • Kamchodit Project Kamchodit (WhereToGo) is a database of places for non-formal education in the form of an an interactive map.

  • Financial Literacy The project helped youth leaders to prepare programme for children and youth to educate them in financial questions of everyday life.

  • Youth Wiki The Youth Wiki is Europe's online encyclopaedia in the area of national youth policies. The platform is a comprehensive database of national structures, policies and actions supporting young people.

  • Roads to recognition The project concerned exchange of good practices and the support for volunteering organizations in terms of methods and tools of skills recognition acquired through volunteering activity.

  • Skeleton ESO – electronic administration of the organisation Skeleton ESO – web application for accounting and agenda of the groups for non-profit organisations and their units

  • Inclusion Project The Inclusion Project aimed at strengthening competences of non-formal educational institutions for work with children and youth with specific needs.

  • SAFE System for recording and evaluation of volunteer work as a means of improving transparency and efficiency in the economic management of NGOs

  • Have Your Say Have Your Say – Structured Dialogue of Youth enabled young people to express their opinions on topics, which concern them, on national and even European level.

  • Czech UN Youth Delegates Programme The Programme's aim is to represent the interests of Czech youth on the global level, to promote human rights and to spread awareness on how the UN work, about participation, active citizenship and SDGs.