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Young Places

Young Places

Young Places

We addressed the topic of shaping the relationship of children and young people to the place where they live and involving them in designing and planning, creating public spaces and architectural solutions in our project Mladé miesta / Mladá místa (Young Places), which we carried out in 2020–2022 in cooperation with the organization dialog architekti s.r.o. from the Czech Republic and the organizations Nadácia pre deti Slovenska and krasy terasy from Slovakia.

As part of the project, in addition to local workshops in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and the final conference in Bratislava, we prepared and published a handbook on involving children and young people in the creation of settlements (in Czech and Slovak languages). It will introduce you to the theoretical and practical side of participatory planning – you will learn why it is important to involve children and youth in the development of their surroundings, at what stage to involve them and how to prepare participatory activities.

The project was financially supported by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

Projekt Mladá místa byl finančně podpořen z programu Evropské unie Erasmus+