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Goals of project SAFE in Operational Programme in the Czech Republic – Human Resources and Employment:

  • to improve transparency in voluntary work in NGO’s in two areas, in which volunteering is significantly used – work with children and youth and environmental protection,
  • to do research on specifics of many different types of voluntary work in these areas and take them into consideration during record keeping and quantification of the value of voluntary work not only directly in NGO’s, but also on the side of public administration,
  • to implement proven methodologies from abroad and adjust them into ascertained specifics in the Czech Republic.

More information can be found in project's presentation.

Outcomes of the project:

On 18th June 2015 the closing conference of the project was held at the European House in the centre of Prague. Presented were the outcomes of the projects and published methodologies, which can be also downloaded (Czech language only):

Project was supported from the ESF – Operational Programme Human Resources and Employment